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Imagine this scenario: You walk into the barn, anticipating the ride you’ve been looking forward to all day.  Weather your looking to hone a new skill or just relax on a beautiful trail ride, you’re looking forward to spending time with your horse, that special time when you get to put all your other cares away.

As you walk up to your horse, you know something isn’t right.  Lowered head, discomfort apparent in his stance, the worried glance towards the abdomen.  You think to yourself “oh please don’t be colicky!” as you move closer to start assessing the situation further.

Colic is one of the most feared situations we face as horse owners, and rightfully so.  Colic is not a condition to be taken lightly and, when warranted, should always be attended to by your Veterinarian.  But what if you could help your horse prior to calling the Vet or while waiting for your Vet to arrive?  What if you had something that at the very least could bring your horse relief and could even possibly assist their body in overcoming it?  This is when having learned some of just the basic information regarding our essential oils can make all the difference in the world, to both you and your horse!

This area of our website is what we are all about!  It’s my personal belief that education is the key to not only being able to choose and use the correct essential oils or supplement, but it is also key to understanding how essential oils work to assist the body in gaining and maintaining health and “balance”. You’ve heard the saying, “knowledge is power”?  Well, I’ve found that to be true! With information and education on how and why using natural, plant based products can help the body, you can take control over your health and the health of your animals.

This area will be ever growing and changing, so check back often.  Below is a list of some of the topics we’ll be covering in either our live “hands-on”  classes or through our teleseminars and webinars.  We will of course have many opportunities to learn about essential oils, but we will also give you access and information regarding trainings in complimentary modalities.  Essential Oils and Supplements play a major role in gaining and maintaining health, and when combined with other healing modalities, it becomes even more beneficial.