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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential oil is a woody, intoxicating scent, but it is SO much more. Watch this short clip about purity of Frankincense:

Frankincense, a cure for Cancer?

We know from biblical accounts that Frankincense has been used for everything from curing “gout to a broken head”, but what about cancer? There are many research studies going on to determine the efficacy of Frankincense. For a brief article, check out this link.

Melissa – Essential Oils

Melissa Essential Oil has such a beautiful smell and is an incredibly powerful essential oil.  According the the Essential Oil Desk Reference by Essential Science Publishing, this essential oil is known to an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, relaxant and uplifting.  Historically, this oil has been used for nervous disorders and many different ailments dealing with the heart and emotions.

I find that this oil is very effective for using on horses.  The lemon smell is appealing to them and the anti-viral properties are very beneficial.

Anti-diabetic effects of lemon balm ( Melissa officinalis) essential oil on glucose- and lipid-regulating enzymes in type 2 diabetic mice.

For research on Melissa, click here

World Equestrian Games, Here we come!

This year, Lexington, KY is hosting one of the biggest equine events ever to be held here in the United States. The World Equestrian Games in the horseworld, is equivalent to the Olympics, it is held every four years, and the best equestrians in the world come to compete in eight separate disciplines.  This year, we will  have a Young Living booth at the International Equestrian Festival (which is running simultaneously with the Games,) and will be sharing and educating people oh how they can use these products to keep their horses, and themselves, healthy. The W.E.G. is estimated to attract 600,000 horse enthusiasts to the area, so we should have a LOT of opportunities!

This event will cover 16 days, and we will be there everyday!  We’ve never tackled an event on this scale, but we are so excited at the opportunity to bring essential oils and Young Living to literally tens of thousands of people! I hope that if you are planning to attend, that you take time to come to our booth, #811.  Stop by, sniff a few oils, ask a few questions and join in the raffle for free essential oils.  Looking forward to seeing you!

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