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Holistic Horse Care through Essential Oils

Balance. We hear a lot about balance in the horse world, don’t we?  As horse lovers, be it as an enthusiast, professional or dreamer, we all hear a lot about balance when it comes to horses.  Normally though, we’re talking about the horse’s movement.  We like to see balance in the gaits, we like to see balance under saddle, in conformation, etc.  But do you realize that physical (internal) and emotional balance is every bit as important to a horses performance?  And, in my opinion, balance is THE most important factor when addressing their health.

So, if I’m not talking about how a horse moves, then what am I talking about here?  Balance is about learning how to keep the body (and the mind) in a situation that allows them to heal.  When the body is “balanced”, that is basically saying that the body is working in harmony and that all the organs, tissues and systems, are operating properly.  When the body is “out of balance”, this is the state that allows issues and stress start to arise in the body. If these conditions are not corrected, or the body is not “balanced” again, then the animal (or human!) can become susceptible to dis-ease.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help your horse regain their balance, is by using natural methods and products such as Therapeutic Essential Oils to assist their body overcome issues and regain balance.  This site is here to assist in giving you the tools you need and the knowledge you require to effectively use these tools.  I have found through years of working with horses, that horses are incredibly responsive to essential oils, and therefor they are  incredibly powerful tools, yet completely safe when used correctly.  Horses (as most animals), respond quickly to essential oils, so a little goes a very long way.  In the Classes and Training section, you’ll find out more information on why and how essential oils work so effectively, so make sure to review the intro trainings if you’re new to the use of Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (YLTG).